Welcome to Abbotsford Nursery

The Abbotsford Nursery and Garden Center were founded in June of 1962 by Jean-Claude Paquette. It is today headed by the third generation which is Pierre-Marc Paquette, himself supported by more than a hundred reliable employees in peek season.

The Garden Center is open 7 days a week from March through December offering a wide range of products. One can find an extensive variety of plants, bulbs and seeds, along with a lovely selection of home and garden decor items, always in tune with the seasons. All of this complemented by a warm welcome from our knowledgeable staff.

The Nursery has more than 65 hectares (160 acres) under cultivation, with some 2000 varieties of plants in production including conifers, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, berry plants, vines, roses and perennials. The Nursery distributes our high quality plant materials throughout Québec and beyond and landscape professionals can avail themselves of the services offered by our Commercial Sales Department.

With more than 60 years of experience, Abbotsford Nursery is a market leader in the Ornamental Horticulture sector in Québec and is highly regarded in the field throughout North America. What’s our secret? Superior quality plant material, suitable for our climate, along with our dedication to deliver excellent customer service.

It is our pleasure to serve you, pay us a visit and experience it for yourself first hand!

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More than
2000 varieties 

 / Coneflower

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya'

Perreniel. Pompon-like double fragrant flowers. Long lasting blooms and long stems.

 / Maidenhair tree

Ginkgo biloba

Conical, spreading and open shape. Leaves are fan shaped. Pest and disease resistant. Fruitless. Slow growing.

 / Hakone grass or golden Japanese

Hakonechloa 'Aureola' (macra)

Ornemental grass forming a cascading clump. Panicles in Summer. Reddish pink fall foliage. Slow growing.

 / Panicled hydrangea

Hydrangea Vanille Fraise® (paniculata)

Dense shape and red stems. Blooms are spectacular going through a spectrum of colors that remind you of strawberries and vanilla.

 / Chinese juniper

Juniperus 'Gold Lace' (chinensis)

Very golden foliage looking like lace-work. Very nice effect in a landscape. Slow growing.

 / Shrub rose

Rosa 'Never Alone - Jamais seul'

Small double flowers with white or yellow center and light scent. Very good disease resistance. Rose for the Never Alone foundation in partnership with the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association to financially help cancer victims and their families.

 / Thornless blackberry

Rubus Baby Cakes® (fruticosus)

Thornless and dwarf variety perfectly suited for container growing. Large and sweet berries in mid-summer on last season's canes. Might produce a second time in mid-fall on new season's canes.

 / Weigela

Weigela Sonic Bloom® 'Pink' (florida)

The strongest reblooming serie of weigela. Loads of flowers in May followed by waves of flowers untill frost. No pruning required. Attracts hummingbirds.




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